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Our purpose is to provide vital tools to resolve the stresses and strains of everyday life such as communication and relationships, study barriers, work stress, and production problems.

Our booklets are compiled by Anna King who has spent over thirty years as a Life Coach assisting hundreds of people to solve their misfortunes. She has helped them to achieve life-changing results which have enabled them to build better lives with a bright new approach to the future.

Anna has applied her wide experience with people to create a series of illustrated “KEYS TO LIFE” booklets. She has designing them to provide solutions to a multitude of life’s adversities. They contain easy to follow guidelines with simple to use tools that will aid people to overcome their hurdles in life.

Currently, we present the following “Keys To Life Improvement” eBooks in the following categories:


This section offers the following two books:

A Guide to Personal Happiness      &         Seeking Personal Efficiency

They cover ways in which you can greatly enhance the survival potential of both yourself and others. They provide materials to bring about a much greater understanding of yourself and what is required while associating and working with others. You will discover principles that will enable you to make sound choices to better your life and increase your understanding of how to interact with those you depend on who can either enhance or threaten your survival according to their conduct.


This section offers the following two books:

Winning Study Skills         &         Learning Methods That Work

The Winning Study Skills provide effective methods of approach to study that enable the student to make steady progress while raising their grades to produce excellent results in all their studies. Successful graduation can be achieved in any subject the student chooses.

And the Learning Methods That Work provide a lighter approach to study made easy for the young or struggling student to cope in the academic world. With these ‘EASY LEARNING SKILLS’ students can make major progress, no longer failing or just scraping through, but studying with an enthusiastic approach to all their subjects while producing positive results.


This section offers the following three books:

Discover the Secrets to a Successful Relationship,

Getting Things Done & Facing the Unpredictable           

These books contain vital ‘Keys’ to ‘Build Understanding’. They and provide simple exercises to increase your ability to control communications so that you are capable of consistently creating an agreement to bring about understanding, harmony, and willing cooperation. They also provide answers to handle difficult people and situations in life that can cause inexplicable mood shifts and the tools to overcome them and ‘Build Stability In Life’.


This section offers the following four books:

            Planning Your Life             Starting Fresh – Part 1 – Making the Start

            Starting Fresh – Part 2 – Improving the Condition

            Starting Fresh – Part 3 – Reaching Your Full Potential

With these basic tools, it is possible to make major changes in your life and lay out a positive path forward that will enable you to achieve the success you have always wanted. They will provide you with easy-to-follow steps that will enable you to get rid of unwanted situations and change conditions so that you can reach your full potential and actually ‘Achieve Your Goals’ your set for yourself in life. You will discover how to move along a definite path towards a firm stable position of POWER and recognition of your true capabilities. At this point, you will be able to achieve the success you seek and maintain the quality of life at the level you have been wishing for.


This section offers the following three books:

Efficient Business Management – Part 1 – How to succeed in the work Game

Efficient Business Management – Part 2 – Increasing Production and Efficiency

Efficient Business Management – Part 3 – Mastering Money Matters

These books have been compiled to provide basic and vital information that every employee should know to ensure successful cooperation within the organisation so that it has a cohesive, effective team who are capable of consistently producing excellent results. The emphasis is on business management skills that produce major change in organizations so that they operate with effective management systems. These systems will build a stable, viable company with a sound knowledge of financial management skills so that it can focus on producing high volume, quality service while earning abundant valuable exchange.


Anna has produced three new books. These are:

An Insight into Marriage and Parenting – Part 1 – Marriage

The viability of any marriage depends on how you choose your partner in the first place and then on how you live with your partner in the future. All too often marriage is entered into for the wrong reasons. Many couples are initially drawn together by a strong physical attraction, without really finding out and understanding how their proposed future partner operates in life. This can lead to trouble once the glory of the honeymoon wears off. With these “KEYS TO A HAPPY MARRIAGE” you can face the harsh realities of co-existence with another person and gain the knowledge of how to live happily with your partner.

An Insight into Marriage and Parenting – Part 2 – Parenting

It is always difficult to know how to maintain sufficient discipline within a family without crushing a child’s natural desire to expand in his own right. With these valuable ‘‘KEYS TO CREATE A HAPPY FAMILY” you will discover how-to live-in harmony with your children in a safe family home where they are free to expand their individual personalities while learning to consider the needs of others around them. Despite the wide variety of difficult circumstances and obstacles that need to be faced, this book provides many tools to overcome these challenges children can present their parents during a child’s growing years.

An Insight into Marriage and Parenting – Part 3 – Harmonious Family

Dignity and purpose are natural and instinctive to the child. Being out of control and destructive are not. A child will naturally grow into his own beingness when allowed to do so. He will consider he has the right to become what he imagines for himself. The change is gradual and continuous throughout various stages of his life. If he is faced with direct opposition or attack, it will be met with resentment and rebellion. This book provides information to assist all family members through this difficult period of growing up into maturity. Parents can enlighten themselves  with these tools so that they know how to guide and enlighten their children without suppressing any of their son’s or daughter’s goals.

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