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Why these eBooks?

With the world changing so quickly around us these days, we are frequently confronted with unusual circumstances that must be overcome. This frequently presents us with situations that are both upsetting and difficult to confront.

Are you having to suddenly deal with things that appear to be overwhelming?

Are you currently facing a circumstance for which you cannot see a solution?

These eBooks are designed to provide many solutions to all types of problems that people are having to cope with. They cover personal difficulties, troubles within families, relationships with others, and work-related problems.

The tools in these eBooks can help you get where you need and want to be.

Anna has applied her wide experience with people to create a series of illustrated “KEYS TO LIFE” booklets. She has designing them to provide solutions to a multitude of life’s adversities. They contain easy to follow guidelines with simple to use tools that will aid people to overcome their hurdles in life.

A fundamental prerequisite to learning is knowing How to Study. This is covered extensively in the KTL Series. However, the undercut to all that is to understand the words being read, and how to handle the hurdles and barriers that stop your Study progress. As explained in this short video.

understand the words being read

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